Does Crumbl Cookies Deserve the Hype?


Crumbl Cookies is a well-known cookie business that started in Logan, Utah, in 2017 and took off during the pandemic. The company blew up on TikTok due to its unique and tasty flavors–some as simple as chocolate chip and sugar cookie, while others include birthday cake, Boston creme pie, pancake, and mango frozen yogurt.

When the business opened, there were only a few stores. In fact, at this time last year, the closest store to Scituate was in Methuen, MA, located over an hour away. Nevertheless, many SHS students still visited the store to taste the weekly new flavors. Recently, a new Crumbl Cookies store opened at Merchants Row in Hanover, which has caused a boom in the number of SHS students purchasing the cookies. With this notable demand for their product, we questioned if Crumbl Cookies is really worth the hype–or is it just another TikTok trend that will eventually fall out of favor?

To research our question, four SHS students sampled the cookie flavors of the week to share their opinions. SHS senior Jill Connor, who has tasted Crumbl cookies before, stated her “favorite flavor” is Chips Ahoy. Each week, Crumbl Cookies offers five new flavors for customers to purchase. This makes a “variety of flavor,” according to Connor, who appreciates the changing flavors week-to-week. On the other hand, SHS junior Lindsey Hausmann isn’t so keen on the idea of five new weekly flavors, adding that it is an “excessive” amount, especially considering “they don’t all even fit into one box.” Sophomore Natalie Naylor is impartial about the five new flavors each week, because “the pink sugar cookie” is her favorite. 

With so many different flavors, customers are certain to have different flavor preferences. Sophomore Clare Jodka’s personal favorite is Fruity Pebbles, while Hausmann’s favorite has to be the cornbread cookie. Naylor sticks to a classic, with the Oreo Crumbl Cookie being her favorite. 

Five different flavors from the past week were passion fruit, confetti cake, brownie, oatmeal, and peanut butter M&M’s. Connor was excited to try the oatmeal cookie because she thought it would be “the only one” she would like. Connor guessed correctly because it was her favorite flavor of the week. Jodka favored the passion fruit cookie due to “the Popping Boba” on top of the cookie. Who would’ve thought a cookie would have boba! Naylor was “most excited for the confetti cookie,” yet her favorite flavor of the week turned out to be the brownie cookie. Last but not least, Hausmann claimed her favorite was the confetti cake cookie. 

After trying all five flavors of the week, taste testers were asked if they considered Crumbl Cookies to be worth the hype. Connor, Hausmann, and Jodka all agreed–Yes! Crumbl Cookies deserves the hype! Naylor said, “Everyone should try it” but admitted Crumbl is “a lot if you have it consistently.”

SHS taste testers’ final analysis? If you’re looking for a new, creative cookie place with exciting and tasty flavors, Crumbl Cookies is the way to go!