Micah Mulder’s Advancements in Math


Micah is a 7th grader currently attending Gates Middle School; however, he is currently taking 9th-grade honors math at Scituate High School. His father, Matthew Mulder, who is an English teacher at Gates Middle School, said, “He gets his expertise from his mother,” who helps him practice his math at home. Micah has three younger siblings, as well as a dog, cat, and hamster. (The hamster belongs to his brother.) 

When COVID began, Micah was in the 5th grade, and the extended time spent at home really sparked his future interest in math. Micah began taking Khan Academy classes, and according to his father, “he was doing really well.” As a result of his achievements, his teachers gave him the okay to move forward with his online classes, and he kept progressing with his math skills. 

Micah is also interested in the piano, which he has been playing since kindergarten. He also plays the saxophone, which he has been playing since the 4th grade.  Micah takes Spanish at the middle school and is a valuable member of the Gates Math Team. Outside of school he also enjoys reading and participating in cross country with Gates science teacher Richard English.

In the future, Micah wants to take AP classes in coding or computer science. Furthermore, he said that when he grows up he wants to major in math or become a physicist because he “likes how the formulas work, and how there is always an answer to every problem.”  

Although taking math at the high school is a fantastic opportunity, there are several scheduling challenges. While Micah is in his math class, he is missing one of his middle school classes, which leaves him with a free or open period when he would be attending math class at the middle school. He uses this block to catch up on the missing assignments for that day. Despite this, Micah remains a very well-rounded student who excels in all of his classes. 

Micah says he’s “extremely thankful” for his teachers and parents for helping him get to the point he is at today.