Community Service Hours are Abundant for Scituate Students

SHORE seeking volunteers for Nov. 13th Arts and Crafts Fair


Christian Pitten

Christian Pitten and James Tolton

Community service is an important pillar at SHS. In fact, by the end of their senior year, SHS students are required to complete 50 hours of community service. This number of hours certainly seems like a lot, so where can students earn these hours? Fortunately, there are a plethora of opportunities for students, including volunteering at Scituate Recreation camps over the summer and donating time to various community organizations. 

Graduating with a sufficient amount of community service hours can get stressful for upperclassmen–especially when the junior prom or high school graduation is on the horizon. (SHS juniors are required to complete over 35 hours of service to purchase a ticket to the prom.) Junior Reid Fulton said, “I currently have 36 hours.” Fulton explained, “I’ve volunteered at my church, I’ve coached lacrosse, and I helped with the Malawi Children’s Mission.” Fulton still has to complete more hours before graduation, but he plans to keep participating in these activities. Gaining lifelong knowledge and experience by serving his community, Fulton has found a variety of different ways to complete his service hours. 

One exciting community service opportunity SHS students may not be aware of is volunteering during SHS dramatic productions.  Technology Director Emily Mathews explained what the CPA (Center for Performing Arts) really is and what it’s used for. Mathews said, “The Scituate Center for the Performing Arts is a professional quality performing arts theatre.” Working in the booth provides students with valuable work experience due to the professional quality of the equipment and the high standards at the CPA. Students have many opportunities to get involved, as the CPA “puts on hundreds of events each year including music, drama, and dance performances, speakers, movies, presentations, and much more,” according to Mathews. 

There are plenty of events that need students’ help during the year, like running the lights and sound.  “It can be as simple as turning house lights down and setting up one mic,” added Mathews. “There are plenty more complex events that require more training and understanding of how the technology works, but students can also get community service hours for that training,” she said. If students are looking for ways to sign up, they can email Matthews ([email protected]) or they can visit the tech booth, which is located in the PAC lobby. H-Block is usually a good time to find her, but emailing ahead is a good idea.

One of the most popular ways to gain community service hours is through the Scituate Recreation Department. Students entering their freshman year are able to volunteer for the recreation department. Director of the Scituate Recreation Department, Maura Glancy, explained, “Opportunities for volunteers are for our summer programs usually. We do have some opportunities in the winter and spring with C.O.R.S.E  Foundation, but most of the opportunities are in the summer season.” 

Students should expect to work with lots of kids when they take these opportunities. Glancy emphasized, “The focus of a volunteer should be on the children in the program.” If students are looking to sign up, the Recreation Department is starting to accept applications starting January 1, 2022. Students can find applications on the Scituate Rec website, which is part of the town website, or students can simply find them in the Rec office, located in the former Gates Intermediate School. 

SHORE (Scituate High Opportunities Resources for Education) is currently seeking student volunteers to help during their Saturday, November 13th, Arts and Craft Fair, which will be held in the high school gymnasium. Students can help by setting up tables on Friday, November 12th, or lending a hand during the fair on Saturday. If you are interested, please sign up using the following link:

50 community service hours may seem like a lot, but it really isn’t considering all the opportunities for students. The students’ only job is to reach out to these people about opportunities coming up, and as long as you have all the correct requirements, getting community service hours should be a breeze.