Sneakerheads at SHS

Clay Belmarsh, Staff Writer

Hobbies among students at Scituate High vary drastically; however, collecting sneakers and fashionable shoes is one undertaking many students enjoy. Jordans, Nikes, Adidas, Vans–no matter the shoe, students tend to get their hands on anything they can. 

Some students, like junior Kevin Ryner, call themselves “sneakerheads.” Having upwards of “40-50” pairs of shoes, Ryner started his collection way back when he was just seven years old. According to Ryner, picking out his own sneakers for the first time “kickstarted a new love for me and I haven’t stopped since.” Ryner also stated he expects to continue this hobby for the rest of his life. 

Trending heavily throughout the country, Nike is a favorite brand among SHS sneakerheads. SHS junior Sean Seymour complimented the Nike brand, saying, “They have the biggest variety in style while providing a comfortable platform for your feet.” Other brands heavily favored among SHS shoe-lovers include Jordans and Vans. 

New shoe styles are also gaining local momentum–especially different styles of UGG slippers. Ryner explained, “They are so easy just to slip on.” Seymour extolled their virtues, commenting that UGG slippers are very “convenient.” Two of the hottest shoes include the “Tasman Slipper,” which retails for about $100, and the “Neumel Boot,” which retails for $140.