50 Things to do During Quarantine

Hannah Sylvester, Staff Writer

Stores are closed. Restaurants are take-out only. Malls are closed. Movie theaters are closed. Sports events are canceled. Concerts are postponed. School is canceled. 

By now many of us may have started a new routine between exercising, sleeping late, watching Netflix, or whatever your thing is. But many of us may be starting to have the helpless feeling I often feel. The “what now?” and “when is this ending?” questions repeat in my head over and over again. The idea that we will be waking up again with no plans for the next month and seven days (hopefully not longer) is terrifying. 

The only thing we can do to help our nation and health care professionals do their job is to stay home! We must do our part no matter how tough it feels. Here are some ideas to help you do your part: 

  1. Read a book.
  2. Put a heart on your door for healthcare professionals. 
  3. Take a walk with your family.
  4. Have a game night.
  5. Play charades.
  6. Tie-dye old clothes. 
  7. Start a new show.
  8. Go on a bike ride.
  9. Clean your room.
  10. Exercise (many gyms are doing free online classes!)
  11. Enjoy a movie night. 
  12. Bake (some ideas… banana bread, cookies, pie, cake) 
  13. Complete a puzzle.
  14. Start a journal or blog–you’re probably going to want to remember this unprecedented time! Maybe one day your journal will be a primary source for history classes! 
  15. Meditate–doesn’t take long at all, and I highly recommend the app Headspace!
  16. Paint. 
  17. Write letters to family and friends, or even doctors, nurses, health care professionals to thank them during this time! 
  18. Organize your clothes, and donate old clothes.
  19. FaceTime with family and friends.
  20. Take a bubble bath.
  21. Make face masks. 
  22. Paint your nails.
  23. Complete some DIY projects from Pinterest. 
  24. Order something from your favorite local businesses.
  25. Learn new TikTok dances. 
  26. Work on your photography skills–use a real camera outside on walks or at the beach.
  27. Color in coloring books–this activity can be super relaxing–even for adults! 
  28. Watch live stream concerts–many are donating to restaurant workers and other charities.
  29. Sit on your porch or deck.  
  30. Make s’mores.
  31. Finally catch up on a movie series everyone loves (Avengers, Harry Potter, etc.) 
  32. Dress up for fun. 
  33. Try new types of tea or coffee.
  34. Practice yoga (many instructors are doing online classes)
  35. Make ice cream sundaes.
  36. Create a vision board.
  37. Listen to a podcast.
  38. Make a new music playlist. 
  39. Donate to a charity. 
  40. Sleep in.
  41. Watch America’s Funniest Home Videos. 
  42. Give your dog some love.
  43. Redo parts of your house. 
  44. Learn new healthy recipes. 
  45. Organize an indoor photoshoot or photo booth. 
  46. Fly a kite at the beach. 
  47. Look at the stars or moon at night–use the SkyView app as a guide!
  48. Do some early spring cleaning–get rid of junk you don’t need
  49. Make a pizza. 
  50. Make dinner for your family. 

I hope you enjoy this list and make the best out of this time with your family to decompress and help a cause greater than all of us! Hang in there. We will make it!