Keepin’ Scituate Monthly Clean

Bill Blake wants Scituate Monthly to remain family-friendly

Owen DeSmet, Staff Writer

Every day, thousands of residents from the South Shore find themselves scrolling through the pages of Scituate Monthly, voicing their thoughts and opinions, and sharing slices of their day from this nautical town. 

This Facebook group is home to over 13,000 members connected to Scituate in some way or another. Through the popularity of Scituate Monthly, thoughts and ideas spread like wildfires from senior citizens to seniors in high school through the group. 

Scituate Monthly was originally created by Scituate resident Bill Blake as a platform for the residents to find and share events that are happening–such as sports games, church activities, and holiday events. Over the years, it has evolved into a platform for residents to share their ideas regarding the town–whether it be problems with the water or restaurants to recommend. Naturally, not everyone will agree with one another, and sparks start to fly. 

As the group grew bigger, so did the arguments. Some residents started to go at each other and express their feelings using vulgar language, stripping the page of its community-based tone and intent. After seeing this, Blake decided something needed to be done. Consequently, he instituted a no swearing policy to keep the page clean and family-friendly–as he intended it to be. 

Blake strives to keep Scituate Monthly safe and enjoyable for viewers of all ages to interact. His mission is to prevent people from getting offended. He wants the page to be used in a positive and professional way by enforcing the no swearing policy. Thanks to the help of others who share this same mission, Scituate Monthly is able to stay clean.