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Falling into Fashion at SHS

What’s your signature look during the fall season?
Taylor MacFaden
Senior Reagan Wood styles the fall look with a pair of Doc Martens and high top socks.

As fall approaches, students and staff prepare to showcase their autumn fashion. Whether it’s boots, flannels, or sweatshirts, SHS students are leading the trends. 

SHS English teacher Dana Saunders said she “loves sweater weather,” emphasizing there is “no better season!” Recently, Saunders has witnessed the comfortable aesthetic around school and the trend of looking cozy and presentable. Saunders commented that the fall color palette generally consists of “browns, neutrals, plaids, and suede.”

 Though she shops mainly on Amazon and the Loft, Saunders highlighted the importance of having a “capsule wardrobe.” Basic clothing staples, like a white top and jeans, can be paired with various accessories. She follows various Instagram influencers that market low-cost but high-quality clothing. With a contained closet this upcoming season, Saunders explained how “you can do so many things!” 

Junior Aubrey Brennan plans on wearing flannels and bringing out her orange and gold sweaters this season. Although she agrees with others that specific colors symbolize fall, she feels that is stereotypical,  and during this time of the year, you can wear whatever you’d like.                

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Brennan noted that some students wear comfortable clothes or pajama bottoms to school. Being of Irish descent, Brennan said she’s “grown up with thick wool, sweaters, and tweed kilts.” When asked if she prefers sweaters or hoodies, sweaters were her answer.

SHS health teacher Allison Mulvaney was asked about her fall style, and she explained how, with fashion today, anything goes, but students should be comfortable. She commented that her fall wardrobe is ready, “I love brown boots–that’s a symbol of fall for me.” She added, “Just by simply adding tights and boots, you can take your wardrobe from summer to fall.” 

Mulvaney believes that flannels, sweaters, and Ugg slippers will continue to emerge as we get deeper into the season. One of her favorite fall trends is sleeves under a tank top or short-sleeved dress–adding a pair of boots is the cherry on top.  

The fall fashion season has just begun, and it seems there is a wide variety of styles at SHS. Cozy sweaters, flannels, and shoes are making the rounds this fall, as well as the unique flairs of style present in students and faculty alike.