Spotify Wrapped Release 2022


Alexis Washburn, Staff Writer

At the end of each year, Spotify users receive a personalized briefing of their music trends, commonly referred to as Spotify Wrapped. Each user discovers their most frequently played musicians, playlists, and songs. This feature is a favorite among students at SHS, as comparing and contrasting music tastes with classmates helps students learn more about one another. 

SHS junior Ava von Freymann thinks Spotify Wrapped is an excellent way to find “inspiration for new music.” With the chance to see what your friends are listening to, you can learn more about someone and learn about their music taste. This also enables people to discover new music and songs from their friends.

Junior Sophie Blanchard said, “You can tell a lot about a person by what they listen to.” Music is a great way to unite people and find commonalities between people you don’t know.

Outside of SHS, celebrities connected with their fans by posting their Spotify Wraps to their social media apps. Paris Hilton announced that Britney Spears was her most listened-to artist, inciting excitement from many Hilton and Spears’ fans.

Apple Music has followed Spotify’s trend and created its own version, known as Replay ‘22. This recap shows Apple users their most popular listened-to songs and artists. While Spotify and Apple Music’s recaps are similar, Apple Music has less eye-catching designs. Replay ‘22 lacks bright colors and exciting transitions between slides like Spotify has. Nevertheless, Spotify Wrapped is a hit every year, and students can’t wait for next year!