Behind the Curtain: A Peek Into the New Chapter of SHS Drama


SHS Drama Tests Lighting Before a Show

Annika McCanne, Opinion Editor

While students are enjoying a normal school year for the first time in years, the SHS drama department faces its own challenges. Former director, Matt Maggio, accepted a new position a few days into the school year–leaving students wondering what the future holds for the Drama Club. Determined to find a new director for the students, SHS principal, Dr. Lisa Maguire, assembled a committee of leaders within the drama community and interviewed three potential candidates. 

The committee spent about 20 minutes getting to know each candidate. Once the interview process concluded, the committee selected a current SHS staff member and a 2018 SHS graduate: Elizabeth Clancy. SHS senior Mimi Minich, who is the treasurer and stage manager for the Drama Club, stated the committee was looking for someone who can “commit their time and is knowledgeable in directing.” The committee wanted a director who would “treat everyone in the club with respect.” Looking at the club’s future, Rebecca Grozier, the club’s co-president and head of lights, hopes the club will have more opportunities to “connect as a whole.” 

As a clinical coordinator for the SHS Lighthouse Program and a school adjustment counselor for 9th graders, Clancy is an important member of the high school community. She is also an active member of the South Shore theatre program, stating her favorite role was starring as Laura in The Glass Menagerie.  

Clancy is passionate about continuing the culture of the Drama Club, noting the students are exceptionally “accepting and supportive” and almost like a “second family.” According to Clancy, culture isn’t limited to the stage; she hopes to change the perspectives around drama within the whole SHS community. Clancy wants to “open the club up” to more students, especially those who might not usually join. Drama teaches people to be “creative in a different way,” and Clancy is excited to expand that creativity to reach more students. Above all, Clancy is enthusiastic to learn from and work with “knowledgeable and awesome” students in the club. 

This year’s first production is two comedic acts titled Knock, Knock and When Bad Things Happen to Good Actors. Both plays are very exaggerated and over-the-top performances–especially appealing those students who might not usually sit through a whole play. Attending the plays will allow SHS students to show their support for the new director–and the students who dedicate time and effort into these productions. Mark your calendars for November 18th and 19th–and get ready to sit back and enjoy the show!