Class of 2022 Summer Bucket Lists Revealed

Class of 2022 Summer Bucket Lists Revealed

Sophie Blanchard, Contributing Writer

Summer bucket lists. The term “bucket list” originated from the phrase “kick the bucket,” which is another way to say “die.” So how did this phrase become what it is today? And what was on SHS Scituate seniors’ bucket lists before they move on to college?

The first time this term was used was in the 2007 film The Bucket List, where screenwriter Justin Zackham wrote, “Justin’s List of Things to Do Before I Kick The Bucket.” Zackham’s own “to do” list was then shortened to “Justin’s Bucket List.” With the influence of TikTok, way more people are creating their own Summer Bucket Lists this year–including our recent SHS graduates.

Jillian Connor’s shared her summer bucket list: “I gotta get money. I am working at Lucky Finn and Rec, going to the beach a lot and also Nantucket, hopefully.” Many graduates are repeating Connor’s list–money and beach days seem like the priority before leaving in the fall.

Molly Flanagan commented, “I want to get a new wardrobe before going to college.” Flanagan also mentioned she wants to enjoy hanging out with her family this summer. Adriana DiMeo talked about going to the beach and hanging out by the pool. She is looking forward to warm weather, a summer tan, and stress free living this upcoming summer. 

Bucket lists are filled to the brim with ideas and goals for Scituate’s rising college freshmen! These recent graduates have a lot to accomplish before a new chapter of their lives begins.