Want a New Show? Make it “New Girl”

Henry Gates, Staff Writer

Looking for a new show to binge? A funny show? The best show? Honestly, it doesn’t matter, because the answer is “New Girl.” This 2011 sitcom is a seven-season show, with laugh out loud moments during every episode. 

The show is based around four early 30-year-olds living in a Los Angeles loft who have fun while struggling to find any success. Schmidt and Jess fight for a promotion, Nick longs to be a successful writer, and Winston struggles to find his passion after quitting semi-pro basketball. These four roommates are always going through something, but they seem to make light of it and have fun with everything they do.

To give you another perspective, I decided to ask a peer of mine his opinions on the sitcom. SHS junior and cross country star, Andrew Belamarsh, claims that “New Girl” is the “funniest show [he’s] ever seen. [He] loves everything about it.” Belmarsh says that he recommends it to anybody who is looking for a new show to watch, because it is “so good,” and he “plans on watching it again very soon.” 

I would rate “New Girl” a 10/10 for a TV series, and I recommend watching it. In my opinion, it is the funniest show of the century.