New England Winter Activities


Henry Gates, Staff Writer

What’s your favorite thing to do when it snows? Do you like to enjoy the fluffy white blanket that coats the stark winter ground? Or would you rather stay inside and watch a Christmas movie with a nice mug of hot chocolate? Either way, you can’t go wrong. But, since we’re on the topic, here are the top winter activities that people like to do during a New England winter. 

Let’s start off with one of New England’s biggest winter attractions: skiing. Skiing and snowboarding are enjoyed by people of all ages and are a very convenient and fun activity for New Englanders to do during the winter. Some of the mountains in New England have even been used for X-Games competitions. The top three New England mountains to ski and snowboard include Okemo Mountain (1), Killington Mountain (2), and Loon Mountain (3). Okemo Mountain is Vermont’s highest vertical drop and is one of the biggest attractions in the state during the ski season.

Now, say you’re not one to go looking for the exhilarating thrill of flying down a mountain with no brakes–there are still a plethora of cool things to do. This brings us to the next winter activity: seeing Christmas lights. There are a few ways you can go about this. Oftentimes, if you find a large enough neighborhood somewhere near you, there is a very good chance that at least one house will be decked out with lights; you’ll know it when you see it. On the other hand, there are actually light shows that are set up in some places where you can pay a small fee to drive through a property with tons and tons of lights set up all around you.

The most local light show is the Marshfield Holiday Light Show, which is located at the Marshfield Fairgrounds at 33 South River Street in Marshfield. This light show is intricate and truly amazing–and highly recommended by many students at SHS. It takes about 20-25 minutes to drive through the show, and the cost is $23 to $25 per car. Tickets are available online through December 26th:

During the upcoming holiday break, consider trying something new. If you’ve never been skiing, try it out! Visit a local light show or even wander around your neighborhood and see if you can find some cool light displays. Even though it may be cold and grey during the New England winters, there are still so many fun things to do with friends, family, or even alone.