The Eternal Atake Take

Owen DeSmet, Staff Writer

Eternal Atake–Announced during the summer of 2018, this album kept Lil Uzi Vert fans waiting for years for its release. In fact, fans were starting to believe the album would never drop after so much waiting. That was until March 6th, 2020–a surprise drop around 11:00 a.m. had Uzi fans ecstatic when he announced the album drop on Twitter. 

The long-awaited album consists of 18 songs, two being singles from earlier in the year. The thing that makes this track so interesting is that he starved his fans for years before they were finally able to get their hands on his newest music. Several instances occurred when people online would “leak” some of the songs thought to be on the notorious album, most of which were never real, giving his audience a variety of unheard music. 

There was also a variety of mixed reviews about the album. Some fans found his newest track to be an instant hint and everything they could’ve dreamed of from him, while others were left unsatisfied with its outcome after waiting so long. Less than a week after the drop, Uzi announced on Twitter that he would release an entire second for the Deluxe album, making it a total of 32 songs. This mammoth of an album had Uzi enthusiasts jumping for joy as the new music hits the public. 

Uzi’s activity on Twitter and frequent engagement with his fans represents another reason why he is so popular. His connection to his fanbase is like no other, and it’s clear that he listens to what the people have to say–as well as accepting feedback. Overall, the album was a massive hit worldwide, and fans await what the rapper comes up with next.