3 Great Documentaries to Watch on Netflix

Owen DeSmet, Staff Writer

“Conor McGregor: Notorious”

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Conor McGregor stars in his own documentary, “Conor McGregor: Notorious,” which was filmed over the course of four years and released in November of 2017. Directed by Gavin Fitzgerald, the documentary is available on Netflix. “Notorious” is part of the sports sub-genre of documentaries but doesn’t feel like a sports film. The documentary takes you through the Irish rags-to-riches life of Conor McGregor from when he started filming his production years before making it to the UFC. His intense and cocky personality draws in viewers to see what goes on in his crazy mind. The production also offers a thrill factor by showing his point of view during some of the biggest and hardest fights on his way to becoming an ultimate fighting champion.  

“Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness”

This seven-episode mini-series on Netflix takes you through the strange and mysterious life of big cat owner Joe Exotic. The film captures everything about how Joe’s life unfolds throughout the series, leading him to be caught up in a murder-for-hire plot against his rivals. The show makes it challenging for viewers to pick a side as to who’s right and who’s wrong in each scenario, keeping viewers at the edge of their seats as each episode gets crazier than the last. The series takes you on a roller coaster of emotions–full of highs and lows–all starting with a big cat zoo in Oklahoma.

“Our Planet”

This one-season British documentary series on Netflix is definitely a change of speed from “Notorious” or “Tiger King”; however, it’s well worth your time. Narrated by David Attenborough, the show consists of eight episodes, each highlighting a different kingdom of the animal world. The show captures never before seen footage of wildlife that people can only dream of seeing. The shots of these animals are breathtaking and magnificent to watch. This massive production project took years–as well as hundreds of cameramen and filmmakers–to complete, but the result is fantastic.