New Film Club at SHS

Sophomores Huggins and Belber launched a new club

Hannah Bates and Jessica Presutti

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 Scituate High School sophomores Emma Huggins and Cleo Belber have started a new film club for students. The club is run by Huggins and Belber and is facilitated by guidance counselor Sharon Mohr. Huggins described the film club as a ¨club that produces student written and directed films with the hope to submit them to high school film festivals.¨

In their meetings, club members brainstorm film ideas, make film club roles, and create a budget.  At the moment, the club includes approximately 40 people. The film club ¨allows people to be part of a creative outlet with needing to be outgoing,¨ according to Belber.  She elaborated by saying, ¨Everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience.¨

If you would like to join the new SHS Film Club, meetings are held during H-Block on Tuesdays, or you can email them at [email protected].  

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