Beware of “It”

Horror flick conjures up your childhood fears

Jessica Presutti, Staff Writer

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Everyone has fears. Whether they are childhood fears or lifelong fears,  these fears are the focus of the movie, ¨It.¨  The movie “It,”directed by Andy Muschietti, is a horror film based on the 1986 novel It,  by Stephen King.  The film tells the story of seven children living in Derry, Maine.  These seven kids are considered outcasts by their peers and family, and they all have their own distinct fear originating from their broken homes.  They are taunted by an evil spirit, Pennywise the clown, also known as “It,” and they are haunted by their own personal demons.  Throughout the film, these kids try to face their fears to save the town from further issues.

The film has many positives and negatives.  On the positive side, the plot of the movie was very well written.  It was very interesting, and it brought out the audience’s emotions with the differing twists and turns.  There is also a little bit of a humorous undertone, which makes the movie more enjoyable.  Also, it was intriguing as a viewer to see the characters different personalities all merge into one.  On the negative side, the film was too predictable.  Even the plot twists were expected, but it didn’t take away from the overall film.  

The theme of this film is very clear. Several of the characters, such as Beverly Marsh, played by Sophia Lillis, state the theme by saying that the only way to fight the clown is by the seven of them staying together.  I took away two main themes after watching the film: to face your fears head on and the importance of friends.

Overall, “It” is a good movie for people 15 and older, but  I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone 12 or below.  This is a more mature film that focuses on stereotypical childhood fears.  Watching this film at such a young age could scare them and negatively influence their sleeping habits.  If you are still inclined to check under your bed at night to make sure you are safe, this movie may not be for you.  The MPAA rating of this movie is R, which is an appropriate rating.  I would give this film 4 out of 5, and I highly recommend watching ¨It¨ if you haven’t already.

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Beware of “It”