11 Must-Haves for the Next Quarantine Wave

Ellie Snow, Staff Writer

As November comes to a close, it appears inevitable that America will soon fall back into the lockdown quarantine many experienced in the early months of the year. Though the loneliness, separation, and boredom of such isolation is not something Americans are eager to undergo again, our understanding of a true quarantine, through experience, allows us to better prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. With that in mind, here are 11 must-have items to make your next quarantine period a little less terrible:
Nothing is more unappealing than a poor smelling home, nevermind one you must reside in constantly. Now more than ever, a nice smelling candle will go a long way, leaving your home feeling clean and cozy.
Quarantine has proven to take quite a toll on mental health. With a significant increase in stress and anxiety surrounding the pandemic, one of the safest and most COVID-friendly ways to overcome these struggles is writing one’s feelings down. Personal journals are the perfect outlet for making your time in quarantine less of a mental stressor.
Blue-light Glasses
With the majority of the population forced to access work and school in an entirely virtual format, people will spend the better part of their days online. The strain and stress on one’s eyes from such an excessive amount of screentime will prove to, overtime, be unbearable and incredibly damaging to one’s eyesight. Blue-light glasses can be a great solution to this discomfort.
Noise Canceling Headphones
When one finds themselves stuck at home with their family under these stressful circumstances, the tension and close quarters can be quite suffocating. Noise canceling headphones are the ultimate problem solver to help you briefly escape from all the noise and chaos around you with peaceful silence.
Puzzles/Board Games
Though you may find yourself more inclined to distance yourself from your immediate family during the quarantine period, it may be in your better interest to find productive ways to spend time with them. Puzzles and board games are a great means of entertaining oneself without relying so heavily on electronics. They are also perfect for keeping your mind active and engaged.
With limited access to the outside world and temperatures dropping, finding ways to connect to nature is growing more difficult. Maintaining houseplants is a much-needed solution to the boredom of the pandemic, as plants distance you from the online world and give structure to your daily routine.
Streaming Service Subscription
It would be unrealistic to assume that a good portion of quarantine won’t be spent catching up on film and TV. To make life easier for yourself, a streaming service subscription is a must buy. Relaxing by the TV can be a great way to de-stress, and streaming services will provide the widest variety of entertainment to choose from.
Most professional visual obligations will only show the upper half of one’s body; therefore, it is expected that comfort clothing will take up the vast majority of one’s wardrobe. With this in mind, a good quality pair of sweatpants is essential during this next wave. Though the times may be stressful, a strong pair of sweatpants can balance life out comfortably.
Exercise Equipment
Though the cold weather will keep most people indoors, exercise should not be overlooked. With many facing the wrath of gaining extra weight, otherwise known as “the Covid-19,” indoor exercise equipment like dumbbells or resistance bands can be great alternatives to outdoor activities. Using this equipment also ensures that one’s body and mind are getting much-needed movement.
Personalized Stationery Set
The pandemic and looming quarantine will further distance people from loved ones they are no longer able to see. A personalized stationery set is a perfect tool for staying in contact with those you cannot see while getting across your love and appreciation for them. It’s also a great way to maintain sharp and legible handwriting in a mainly online world.
With a heightened sense of boredom and more time for outside activities, people in quarantine will be in a constant search for new activities. A diverse and intriguing cookbook can help pass the time and broaden one’s culinary mind to new and exciting dishes.
Now that wishes of a Spring 2021 vaccine are becoming more of a reality, it is crucial that we, as a country, do all we can to make the journey until then as smooth and safe as possible. This will most likely mean another quarantine. However, with a collective sense of determination to defeat the virus, along with these added amenities to make the process easier, an end to the Coronavirus pandemic may be possible.