North Korea- The Solution is Simple

Matt DiPesa, Editor in Chief

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Tensions remain dangerously high in Asia in the wake of North Korea’s most recent intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test. The rhetoric coming from Pyongyang continues to be threatening toward the US and its allies. President Trump has responded with threats of his own–like when he claimed to bring “fire and fury” on the Hermit Kingdom and its people.

Both countries claim to be ready to go to war if needed, but neither seems willing to make the first move, resulting in almost daily threats and incendiary comments from both Washington and Pyongyang.

The communist state has virtually no advantages over the United States. Its economy is among the weakest in the entire world. Despite agriculture making up a large portion of the economy, serious famines have plagued the country over the course of its history. The majority of the government’s spending goes into development of its nuclear programs, which prevents improvements for the economy or standard of living. China, North Korea’s only ally, has stated that if the North attacks the United States or any of its allies, they will not receive Chinese protection. Kim Jong Un and his country would face certain annihilation completely on their own.

North Korea’s strategy is relatively straightforward: provoke the United States to attack. While China won’t defend North Korea if they initiate the conflict, China’s government has promised to defend its ally if the US attacks first. This in part explains North Korea’s constant anti-American sentiment. The country’s leaders view President Trump as an impulsive and arrogant leader. If they can set him off just enough, he might launch an attack and start World War III.

Trump’s path forward should also be clear. There’s no need to risk nuclear conflict and a potential direct confrontation with a fellow superpower in China. President Trump should tone down the threats and strive for a diplomatic solution. The United States possesses a nuclear stockpile that far outweighs that of North Korea’s. They are even developing technology to shoot down nuclear missiles in the air before they are in range of the mainland. Trump should simply trust in America’s military capabilities– and avoid taking the bait.

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North Korea- The Solution is Simple