Hockey star rises beyond SHS walls

Kate Lemire, Sports and Wellness Editor

      Transferring back to Scituate from Shattuck-St Mary’s School last year in Minnesota, freshman Conor Garland is having a new experience here at Scituate High School. Although he lives in Scituate, he had previously been attending a boarding school and decided to come to Scituate to start off his high school career.

     Garland has one passion in which he focuses a lot of attention on, hockey. This may confuse students here at SHS because they have not seen him in a Sailors uniform this season, but that is because he does not play for Scituate. He plays for a junior hockey team called the Junior Bruins.

Garland started playing hockey at the age of four and has loved it ever since. Hockey takes up most of his time, seeing as he doesn’t play any other sports and he practices three times a week with the Junior Bruins team. He travels to Marlborough for practice, and then to many different locations all over New England for tournaments.        

     Attending Shattuck-St Mary’s School was helpful to Garland in getting on to the juniors team. He did not have to attend any tryouts because he got signed from the school for how well he had been playing at the boarding school. This relieved a lot of stress for Garland because he knew he had a spot on the team playing in his favorite position, forward.

     There are many benefits of playing for the Junior Bruins team and Garland stated that one of the biggest advantages is how, “it gives colleges a good view of you.” Hinting towards the fact that he wanted to play in college I asked if he was going to play hockey after high school and if he wanted to stick with hockey or go to college first? Garland assertively answered, “college first,” but he did want to continue playing after high school.

     The only time that Garland played for a Scituate hockey team was when he was little, for the Seahawks. He did not join the Sailors squad this year because he didn’t know that he was going to be here at Scituate High. He is okay with his decision of not playing for Scituate though, saying that it “doesn’t affect” him.

     Garland has a great experience on the Junior Bruins team and makes a lot of friends through playing for this team. Although not on the Scituate team he is a great player and strives to continue playing after high school.