Class of 2019 College Trends

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Class of 2019 College Trends

Julia Pasini and Hannah Carle

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With news of early college acceptances rolling in, members of the Class of 2019 are already setting trends. There is noticeable excitement as students consider which colleges, and which regions of the country, represent the best fit for the next four years.  

As the flagship state school, the always popular University of Massachusetts Amherst saw an increase in Scituate applications this year: Last year, 101 SHS students applied, while 106 students applied this year.

During a typical year, approximately half of the students who apply to UMass Amherst from Scituate High School are accepted. Based on data from previous years, 12-25 SHS graduates will start school at UMass in the fall.  SHS guidance counselor James Cooney noted the reason for all of these applications is usually due to “good academics as well as the affordable cost.”

For students who hesitate to attend UMass because they are concerned about the large number of SHS graduates there, Cooney commented, “As the largest campus in New England, it can be rare for Scituate students to see each other, based on dorms or major.”

This year, UMass Boston also received a record number of applications from Scituate. Approximately 35 SHS students applied to the Boston campus this year, which may be attributed to the new dorms built in 2018. “Students have been really impressed with what they have been seeing at UMass Boston,” according to Cooney.

As for other state schools, Bridgewater State University is a great option for potential teaching majors, as is UMass Lowell for engineering students. For students looking to expand out of Massachusetts, the University of New Hampshire is the most popular option, with 50 members of the Class of 2019 applying.

Cooney explained that large state schools focus more on the numbers, so students who are looking to apply to these schools should work toward a solid GPA and strong SAT scores.

Many students who wish to remain local have looked at schools in Rhode Island. Located in Smithfield, Bryant University continues to be popular with Scituate students, as this year 35 seniors applied.

Southern schools continue to be a popular choice for students who are seeking the Southern culture or the weather. Continuing a five-year surge in applications from Scituate, the University of South Carolina, in particular, remains popular with SHS seniors. Last year, 28 students applied, and five students chose to attend the university.

Catholic schools, such as Villanova University and Boston College, remain popular with Scituate students. Both of these universities received a record number of applications from SHS this year.

College trends aren’t all upward though–this year several schools experienced a decrease in applications from the Class of 2019. Schools such as the University of Maine, University of Rhode Island, and Providence College saw a substantial dip in applications from Scituate students.

For those juniors who are beginning the college process, Cooney shared some valuable advice: Start researching over the summer and talk with friends or older siblings who have been through the process. Seek out students who attend the colleges you are considering and ask them to share their experiences and advice.  Take college tours as soon as possible to get a feel for which schools would be the best fit.


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