Boys’ Lacrosse Program Cultivates Comradery


Julie Fulton

Lacrosse team pasta dinners bring the team closer

Starting strong this season, the SHS boys lacrosse team is paving their way to victory. Comprised of athletes who have been playing lacrosse since kindergarten, this team has the advantage of well-developed skills. 

Head coach Mark Puzzangara, popularly called “Coach Puzz,” remarked, “I got a really good team of really good kids.” Puzzangara has been coaching lacrosse for 26 years overall and 14 years for Scituate. First introduced to the sport during college, Puzzangara said he also enjoys teaching his Hatherly Elementary School students skills during physical education classes. 

Puzzangara described how the lax season cultivates a sense of joy, partly because of the warmer weather. He inspires the team during every practice and pushes them to the limits. Puzzangara has high expectations for this season, and although the team has suffered a few early setbacks, he commented, “It’s not about how you start–it’s about how you finish.”

Discussing the team’s injuries, SHS athletic trainer Chris Alves reported the most common injuries in lacrosse are concussions or stick slashings. Ankle and knee injuries also tend to happen frequently. Alves stated that while minor injuries can happen during every game, more traumatic injuries typically happen four to five times during the season. He hopes the boys continue to work during their practices so they perform well during games, but he acknowledged that a single injury to a key player could affect the entire season’s success.

Team captains and players are demonstrating impressive energy and enthusiasm. Freshman attackman Peter Cappadona remarked, “When I wake up in the morning, I just think about going to practice.” Senior captain and goalie Reid Fulton expressed great pride in the team, specifically mentioning there are no disparities between the grades. Accordingly, senior captain and offensive midfielder Daniel Brown expressed how much he enjoys being around his teammates and friends. Sophomore offensive midfielder William Robinson said the team provides a strong community. On that point, junior defensive midfielder Jacob O’Malley said team practices create “comradery” as they work toward the same goal. 

When each player was asked how they “dial in” for the games, especially as they anticipate the playoffs, Robinson said he listens to “Skyfall,” by Adele, adding, “The song gets me pumped.” Sophomore goalie Lydon O’Brien listens to “The Foggy Dew” by The Young Dubliners. Sophomore defenseman Wyllys Ames said his favorite pre-game hype song is “STAYING ALIVE,” by DJ Kahlid, featuring Drake and Lil Baby.