Underclassmen Dominate the Ski Team


Lindsey Hausmann and Ava Easterly

Over the years, the SHS ski team has been very popular with students of all ages. But the roster this year is predominantly populated with underclassmen. With only two upperclassmen on the team of 22 athletes, the younger skiers have taken on leadership roles historically held by upperclassmen. 

Sophomore Ingrid McLaughlin is a returning skier who is optimistic about the team’s future. McLaughlin says it is “different this year” but enjoys the new team dynamic. McLaughlin loves to ski, and believes being a member of the team provides a good opportunity to “make new friends that share a passion for skiing.” 

The decline in upperclassman participation on the ski team has opened up leadership roles for this year’s squad. Mclaughlin expressed that many underclassmen have stepped up but mainly look up to fellow sophomore, Jake Linnell. Linnell has been skiing since he was very young and has a strong passion for the sport. He sees the lack of upperclassmen as an opportunity rather than a disadvantage, stating, “We now have the chance to grow and improve together as a team over the next two years.”

Mclaughlin and Linnell both agree the ski team is up-and-coming with a new wave of participation, and they are excited to see where the season goes. They recommend other SHS students take part in the ski team because “it’s a good lifelong sport to learn and get really good at.” Linnell added, “Anyone can try if they practice and put their mind to it.” 

The season began Sunday, January 22 at Ragged Mountain Resort in Danbury, New Hampshire. The Scituate ski team will compete against Arlington, BC High, Cohasset, Hingham, Natick, Needham, Norwell, and NDA. They hope to take home the win and have a victorious 22-23 season!