Royals in the Garden


Jimmy Tolton and Jamieson Hodlin

On Wednesday, November 30th, the Miami Heat arrived at TD Garden to square off against their conference rival, the Boston Celtics. However, the Heat weren’t the only visitors in Boston: Prince William and Princess Catherine of Wales were also in town. The royal couple was in Boston to promote their environmental innovation initiative, the Earthshot Prize. 

The Celtics excelled in their game that night. Jayson Tatum recorded a season-high 49 points and the Celtics put on a show, defeating the Heat, 134-121. 

During the game, the royals enjoyed front-row seats. The prince and princess planned on leaving at halftime but were entranced in the game, ultimately watching until the end.

The Celtics were able to put together an electrifying performance in front of Prince William and Princess Catherine of Wales, which will hopefully draw them back to Boston. The Celtics performed well and gained new royal fans!