Chris Alves Brings his Experience and Education to Athletic Training


Chris Alves joined SHS as the athletic trainer during the 2021-22 school year

David Murphy, Contributing Writer

Last year, Scituate hired a new athletic trainer, Chris Alves. A graduate of Merrimack College, Alves draws from his own experiences as an athlete and his participation in a direct athletic training program to enhance the athletic program at SHS.

As a high school athlete, Alves learned about the importance of athletic training when he experienced plantar fasciitis, a condition that causes substantial pain in the bottom of the heel. This setback prevented Alves from playing for his school’s soccer team one year, which was disappointing to him. Nevertheless, Alves said the experience “provided a good opportunity” for him to train and rehab with “fantastic” athletic trainers. Alves remained diligent throughout the whole rehabilitation process, and, as a result, by basketball season, he was back up and running. 

After suffering another injury during his junior year–this time a broken collarbone–Alves was once again in rehab. After this, Alves made an important decision: Instead of going back to basketball, he wanted to pursue an internship with athletic trainers. This ambitious goal set his career path in motion: After graduating from college in 2016, he was hired at a sports medicine rehabilitation facility and a Connecticut high school before finally ending up in Scituate.

Alves said he still stays active, golfing as well as participating in men’s soccer and softball leagues. He also enjoys BBQs, yard games, and boating. He has no pets, but has a preference for dogs. Alves is engaged to be married, with plans for a wedding during the summer of 2023. When asked for one word to describe himself, he didn’t even hesitate: “Goofball.”

Excited to be part of a department looking to grow its athletic program, Alves said he enjoys forming a bond with athletes and finds it rewarding when they push through and compete at their full potential.