SHS Volleyball: Perseverance and Hardwork Pays Off


Lindsey Hausmann, Staff Writer

Hopes are high for the volleyball team this year as they continue to compete and persevere through the intense fall season. As a worthy opponent in the Patriot League, the lady sailors are sitting in 8th place with a (6-9) record. The team’s goal this season is to “win 50% of their games,” according to senior Gridska Flynn, who said they are “on track to meet that goal with 40% already.” Senior captain Bridget Thompson believes her team will meet their goal, as they have “three more games to win until they qualify for the state tournament.” The sailors’ volleyball team is filled with dedicated and talented players, and there is no doubt that they will crush their upcoming competition! 

For the lady sailors, this is a big season as far as improvement. Coming off of a (5-15) record last year, they are looking to improve their game and their team chemistry. Thompson stated, “The season is going well so far, but we still have room for improvement.” Flynn agreed with Thompson, stating that the team needs to work on “not getting in [their] heads because it slows down the game and causes unnecessary mistakes.” “We are making the best of the talent that we have,” Flynn said, adding, “we have brought ourselves together and strengthened our team since last season– even if our record doesn’t show it.” 

Showcasing their hard work and perseverance, they recently captured a massive win against Pembroke on their very own senior night. The crowd was packed with rowdy Pembroke fans, but the lady sailors didn’t let this stop them. Senior Grace Love described the atmosphere as “competitive and thrilling.” 

Come see the team in action on Wednesday, October 26th, as they compete against East Bridgewater and honor their seniors.