Celtics’ Front Office Trouble


Jimmy Tolton, Business Manager

Recently, drama has been circling the Boston Celtics’ head coach, Ime Udoka, resulting in his suspension. The team’s season begins in less than three weeks, and some fans worry the loss of Udoka could affect the Celtics’ performance.

Last season, Udoka took the Boston Celtics to their first NBA Finals since 2010. Not only was this their first finals appearance in almost a decade, but it was also Udoka’s first season as an NBA head coach. Udoka showed his successful coaching skills last year, and now, a recent scandal redefines his reputation. 

Udoka was accused of having a consensual relationship with a female member of the Celtics’ staff. The staff member was the Celtics’ travel planner who was also in charge of Udoka’s family travel arrangements. Details about the staff member have not really been released. However, Udoka was accused of making unwanted comments toward the employee. Udoka has been suspended for the entire 2022-2023 NBA season. The Celtics hired assistant coach Joe Mazulla as the new head coach. The Celtics organization has high expectations for Mazulla and is hopeful that he will bring great success to the team. 

Although this situation couldn’t have come at a worse time, the Celtics are ready to move forward. In their first preseason game against the Charlotte Hornets, the Celtics won 134-93. For Mazulla’s first game as head coach, he brings hope to Boston Celtics’ fans.