The Powderpuff Debate


Kelly Granatino, Staff Writer

Powderpuff is a long-standing tradition for high school students across the country. In years prior to the pandemic, SHS has welcomed the tradition with enthusiasm.

At SHS, Powderpuff is an event in which junior and senior girls participate in a friendly but competitive game of flag football. Coached by SHS football players in their respective grades, participating students look forward to this tradition, which is usually held in November, leading up to Thanksgiving. 

Members of the Scituate community who are opposed to Powderpuff believe it creates a division between grades and genders. Some students in the junior and senior class, however, believe a high school tradition meant to be fun should not be turned into a debate. SHS junior Freja Haley thinks her grade “gets along well,” and feels Powderpuff would act as “another bonding experience to bring us closer.” Haley said the Class of 2023 “has missed out on many important bonding experiences throughout the past three years,” and holding Powderpuff would be fun for everyone. Junior class treasurer Lilly George explained that “many students have expressed interest in the powderpuff at student government meetings,” revealing the large number of students who share Haley’s opinion. 

SHS graduate Meghan Pender, a member of the Class of 2017, participated in the powderpuff during her junior and senior years at SHS. Pender explained how “powderpuff was a great bonding experience” for her class–not just for the girls, but “for the grade as a whole.” Pender remembers “getting ready with the girls in the cafeteria together then heading out to the field.” Pender was disappointed to learn the powderpuff tradition at SHS has been put on pause and hopes future classes will be able to participate again.

Despite myriad obstacles in organizing this year’s powderpuff event, the treasurer of SHS Student Council, senior Samantha Roman, says the group is working their hardest to keep the SHS powderpuff tradition alive. Roman said she “hopes to host a powderpuff game in the spring,” bringing back this light-hearted, team-based experience.