The Last Dance is the Michael Jordan of Documentaries


John Woodland, Staff Writer

With the remainder of the NBA season being suspended due to the Coronavirus, basketball fans everywhere are looking for something to fill the void. Fortunately, fans’ prayers have been answered in the form of a new series on ESPN called The Last Dance.

This new documentary series follows Michael “Air” Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ dynasty in the 1990s. The series consists of original film and interviews from the ‘90s as well as players’ opinions looking back on the team. The original film sat in storage for over two decades until the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers championship, when Michael Jordan himself decided to make the documentary, which covers events from Michael Jordan’s high school days, his college career at UNC, and his 13-year career with the Chicago Bulls. Other notable highlights include Jordan picking up Rookie of the Year, 5 MVPs, 6 NBA Championships, Dunk Contest Winner, and countless other accolades. The series gives old school NBA fans a sense of nostalgia on what it means to want to “Be Like Mike.”

The series isn’t only about the success of the Chicago Bulls–it also addresses their faults–and all the things they kept behind closed doors. The Last Dance is as much an expose as it is a highlight tape for the Chicago Bulls. Topics like Michael Jordan’s gambling and Scottie Pippen’s poor relationship with management reveal how the team wasn’t so perfect after all. 

This is a documentary for people who don’t like documentaries. This isn’t a typical sports documentary–it’s more of a drama than anything. Any basketball fan would binge this show start-to-finish, especially since this is a series about arguably the best player ever to put on a basketball shoe. There’s a reason people use the term “Michael Jordan of…” to describe something of unparalleled greatness. In fact, The Last Dance is the Michael Jordan of documentaries.