Scituate Athlete Maggie Masuret Commits to Villanova University


Photo Courtesy of Maggie Masuret

Mia Peterson and Ellie Foley

Former Scituate High School student and current Notre Dame Academy junior Maggie Masuret recently committed to Villanova University in Pennsylvania for lacrosse. This accomplishment took hard work and dedication, and Masuret is thankful that her efforts finally paid off. Villanova is a Division 1 school, meaning it’s the highest level of competitive collegiate athletics. 

To get to this point, Masuret had to endure the long recruitment process. Although she has been playing for ten years, it wasn’t until her sophomore year that Masuret realized she wanted to play at the college level. 

Admitting the process has been stressful at times, Masuret explained, “I would get the school work that I would miss for Friday and wake up at 3 a.m. on a Friday for a 6 a.m. flight to places all over to play in front of coaches.” Another frustration Masuret added was her size. Because of the disadvantage her height gave her, she felt that she had to make up for it in other aspects of the game. 

Despite her frustrations, Masuret feels that it was “definitely worth it.” Along the way, Masuret expressed that she has made amazing friends and connections. She credits her different coaches and teammates with helping her, and added, “My dad would definitely be my biggest supporter–he has helped me so much along the way.” 

Masuret’s determination and effort have led her to receive offers from schools like West Point, Elon, UNH, and many more. However, when she visited Villanova, she fell in love with it. Masuret is excited to start her next chapter in her lacrosse career at Villanova. What excites her the most is continuing to play the sport she has grown to love while developing friendships with her teammates and having fun while doing so.