Will Sheskey voted MIAA 2018 All-Tournament MVP

Elizabeth Davidson, Brigid Murray, and Julia Gates

It’s no surprise theSuper Bowl victory for Scituate High School at Gillette was a team effort, but with the team’s success came individual success as well. Junior running back Will Sheskey was awarded the MIAA 2018 All-Tournament MVP  after his record-breaking season. Sheskey was recognized for his accomplishments by the writers at an online newspaper, Sweet Sports. The writers chose high school players who demonstrated the most impressive performance throughout the 2018-19 season.

Sheskey was honored to receive the award, as he was being recognized as the best player in Massachusetts for the playoff portion of the season. Sheskey said he knew this wouldn’t be possible without help from “his line, his quarterback, and the team as a whole.” Sheskey said he was humbled with the award, and he is proud of the accomplishment.  

Throughout playoff time, Sheskey noted how easily it was to get distracted because the team kept inching closer and closer to Gillette. Fortunately, his focus kept the team in check. Being quiet in the locker room made his mentality more serious, creating no room for distractions.  

Sheskey credits his family for his motivation during his football season. Family ties were a significant factor, as his dad was a former quarterback for SHS football and his grandfather was a coach. Sheskey said the continued support of Scituate community members represented a huge boost for him and the team. Crowds of people coming out for Friday night games helped Sheskey stay motivated–he wanted to perform well and make his classmates and town proud.

Without question, winning the Super Bowl was Sheskey’s proudest moment during the season–as well as his high school career. Even when people told him how hard it would be to make it all the way, Sheskey put those thoughts into his focus, which made him work even harder: “Hoisting the trophy at Gillette, and knowing we accomplished what we did is a very proud moment for me and my teammates as well,” he said.