Time to Re-evaluate Midterm Exams

Taylor Varnum, Staff Writer

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Midterms are right around the corner–but some students have more studying to do than others. Midterm grades are either determined by tests or projects for a variety of classes. In a survey sponsored by the Scituation, 76% of voters believe midyear exams are ineffective and outdated. However, in a survey representing a handful of SHS students, 84% of students have more exams– if not all exams.  

Students feel that exams are a poor representation of their capabilities. In most classes, teachers give tests throughout the semester to measure the students’ performances. These test give students the opportunity to show their knowledge–so why be tested on the same information in a more stress-inducing manner?

Half year creative writing classes, music classes, and internships are some of the few classes that assign projects rather than tests. Projects allow students to show their creativity in a less stressful way. Assigning projects can significantly decrease the amount of stress students feel during midterms week. Based on the higher percentage of dissatisfaction toward mid-year exams, students are hopeful for more project-based learning in the future.


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