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Live streaming makes viewing SHS sports available anytime

Jack Kimball, Staff Writer

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Thanks to the new live streaming service, Scituate High School sports are now available to watch from your smartphone or computer. Varsity games on the turf field and the gym will be available to watch online anytime.

The NFHS Network, which posts the games to their website, advertises themselves as the most extensive and widespread high school sports coverage site in the country. Their service provides live and on-demand pre-recordings of high school games. Scituate, like many other towns, has joined the trend in posting their games on the website.

Mr. Luette, Scituate High School’s Athletic Director, believes the new program will add an exciting new aspect to the Scituate sports culture. Luette was attending an Athletic Directors meeting where he met an NFHS representative who first introduced him to the service.

“I thought it was a great idea and wanted to jump on the opportunity, so I applied for grants from SHORE and got two SHORE grants to pay for the cameras.” Mr. Luette also brought up interesting ideas in how he hopes the live streaming will impact the school and the community.

He brings up the possibility of a broadcasting class coming to the high school where they will learn to operate the system. He also expresses a desire for the town to partake in the service, as he said, “I would like to see the restaurants around town and the stores around town showing the game in the TVs that they have.”

The Scituate High School’s football team’s running back, Will Sheskey, expects the program to not only interest Scituate residents, but interest scouts as well. “Personally as a player I can say that a live streaming service for our games will help in terms of recruitment, considering we live in a small coastal town where we don’t get the necessary looks from college recruiters that I believe we should get.” Sheskey is convinced that this will not only help the community, but also future players.

Access to the NFHS Network and their services come with a price. Monthly passes to the website start at $9.95 and a year-long subscription will cost $60.00. The price is alarming, considering it doesn’t accommodate people that may just want to watch a single game.

Unfortunately, the camera work has not been ideal. There are points in games where the action is not filmed, and the camera seems to pan from side to side aimlessly. However, as with any new product, there are kinks that have to be worked out. The potential is limitless with this new program, and Scituate sports have a lot to look forward too.

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