Five Things that will Change with Full-Time School

Five Things that will Change with Full-Time School

Jane Feeney, Staff Writer

No more pajamas to class

From September to the present, we as students have only been responsible for two to three “real” outfits a week. These outfits definitely ranged from people who put in the full effort of looking nice, to people who wore sweatpants to school nearly every day. However, no matter what group you fit into during your cohort’s days in-person, you were undoubtedly wearing pajamas when you were remote. Going back full-time, the trend of wearing pajamas to school should come to a halt and at a minimum students should put on a new pair of sweatpants. 

Returning to the regular schedule

Clearly, students took advantage of the at-home classroom flexibility. Students would take Google Meet calls from the cars, friends’ houses, airports, restaurants, college tours–you name it. Going back to full-time learning will force students to be in school every single day, just like the old days. Although we’ve had this schedule our whole lives, full-time, in-person classes are going to be a big adjustment for everyone. 

The lunch block

Taking classes from the comfort of home came with a lot of flexibility. One of my favorite freedoms was being able to eat lunch or breakfast whenever I wanted. When I had third lunch, I would often eat my lunch while in class because I didn’t want to wait until lunch break. At-home lunch break was also a great time to get some homework finished–a task most students can’t complete while in the cafeteria. 

Wake-up time

For many students, hybrid learning was the perfect excuse to sleep in. Students admit to setting an alarm for 8:10 a.m. when their class would start at 8:15 a.m. Coming in every day forces students to set earlier alarms in order to get to school on time. Students may even have to add 10-15 minutes to their commute with the parking lot traffic.

Not being able to turn off your camera

Even with the encouragement from the administration and teachers to keep cameras on, students still kept them off. Having the ability to keep your camera off during class is a luxury because it often allows you to multitask. You could clean your room, eat lunch, talk to a sibling, or finish homework for another class–all without your teacher knowing. When we are in the classroom, there is no button that makes us invisible to our teacher and classmates, so we need to make sure we are always listening!