Things to Remember When Looking Back on 2020

Mia Peterson, Staff Writer

2020 was, to say the least, a unique year. Although people were forced to throw away plans and postpone milestones, among all the madness, there was a handful of positive additions. 

Drive-in movies that were once forgotten received lots of popularity during the summer months. Before 2020, I thought drive-in movie theaters only appeared in movies and the stories my parents told me. Just one town over in Marshfield, drive-in movies were shown all summer and into the fall, which created some socially-distanced fun. Along with movies, drive-in concerts were introduced, and who knows– maybe they’ll stick around!

The pandemic has encouraged everyone to get outside and re-discover their love for the outdoors. Hiking and other outdoor activities became more popular when the world needed them most. Hopefully, the habits of taking walks, and having outdoor fire pits with friends will continue into 2021. 

During the time of COVID-19, Zoom was a popular solution to gathering people together. This allowed for loved ones to connect and share moments like birthdays, weddings, or even just casual conversations. This allowed people to feel less alone and for some to experience new technology. Maybe family members who live far apart will continue to stay connected via Zoom after the pandemic.

Although the holiday season was different, new ways of celebrating have risen. All across the country, holiday light shows gained popularity. This helped people get in the holiday spirit. 

The year 2020 brought lots of distance–including distance learning. Although remote learning isn’t students’ first choice, many have started seeing the bright side of it. Working remotely two days a week allowed students to sleep in and build their own schedules. Remote learning also allows students to make lunch from home, which is my personal favorite. Students used Wednesdays to catch up on sleep and school work and schedule office hours. This has helped students become more independent.

Another positive occurrence in the year 2020 was Scituate’s Superintendent William Burkhead’s decision to keep the tradition of snow days. Neighboring towns like Hingham and Cohasset have eliminated snow days due to the new tools for distance learning. However, Scituate has continued the tradition of snow days. Younger students can enjoy playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate during their days off from school. In my eyes, this is a positive to come from 2020.

Despite the challenges the whole world faced, it is still important to focus on the positives of what a difficult year like 2020 could have given us. Although many people couldn’t wait to say goodbye to 2020, people all around the world have gained strength from the experience.