Top 5 Differences Between Online School and in Person School

Delaney Sandner, Staff Writer

1. Students can dress casually 

With the whole process of a hybrid schedule, students have been able to change how they dress. When students are doing school from home they tend to be on a Zoom call for their “Connect 10” and sometimes longer.  With the Zoom call, students only have to show their faces (if required), or they might be able to keep their camera off.  This allows students to dress in more casual or comfortable clothing. Also, since students know their appearance isn’t being seen by anyone else, they tend not to care as much about how they dress.

2. Students can sleep in 

With school being online, students have the ability to sleep in and rest.  This is because students now don’t have to worry about taking time to get ready before they drive to school.  Some students even join virtual class time while still in their bed, making them not wake up till only a few minutes before their first class. This can be seen as both a good and bad thing.  A positive is that students get more time to rest and relax; however, a negative is it sometimes leads the students to feel tired throughout the day and be less productive. 

3. Students can do school from anywhere

Zoom gives students a big advantage to attend classes from wherever they are.  This makes students less likely to skip classes because they can join from home, or if they are away, they can still join their classes.  This leads students to have more flexibility in keeping their attendance up. 

4. If students need a “rest and wellness day,” they have the ability to join classes online

Sometimes students need a break from being in school all day and they just want to stay home.  Zoom gives students the perfect opportunity to do so while still joining classes.  Also, if someone is running late, they can always join the Zoom call for their first class in the morning, then come in or just stay home for the rest of the day.  This helps eliminate the number of absences and tardies. The online aspect of school adds an element of flexibility in the student’s schedule, making school more manageable for some students. 

5. Students have more independence 

With online classes, students are able to have more freedom throughout the school day.  They get to choose when to do the assignments and they can manage their own time.  This is a great learning experience for future college or job experiences when there are only due dates given and little structured work time.  For students with good time management skills, online classes provide the ability to finish their work efficiently.