Study in the P.A.C?

David Stanley, Staff Writer

There have been many weird changes to the school due to Covid-19, but having a study in the PAC is probably the strangest. I understand getting to class can take longer, and there are many contributing factors–like Mr. McNeil’s classes being in the PAC lobby and lunch being in the Small Gym. I am even getting used to the fact that there are Zooms for gym classes. But a study hall in the PAC is bizarre and confusing– even more so for tall people.

Walking into my PAC study hall on the first day of school, I was very excited because the seats are comfortable and quiet. Starting my math homework, which was to finish a math packet on paper, I grabbed my pencil and started using my binder as a flat surface to write on. It was very uncomfortable, and there was limited legroom, which was unfortunate for me. It took me longer to complete assignments as I fidgeted in my seat to work better.

When my scheduled study came around again, I was supposed to have Mr. Blake as my PAC study teacher. I dreaded returning to the PAC. Luckily, he emailed the entire class saying we would be having our study in his classroom instead of the PAC. I’ve never been happier to be in a classroom. As soon as I sat down on that desk, I took out my math homework and completed the entire packet within minutes–much faster than it would have taken in the PAC. I have no idea why there would be a scheduled study in the PAC, as it isn’t a functioning workspace for students who need to actively complete work. For this, the classroom setting is much better.