Message of Thanks

Dr. Maguire has been a voice of unity for SHS


Anna Conroy, Staff Writer

When we face certain events in our life, it’s only natural to look toward the leaders in our community for the answers to our questions. Recently, high school students across the country have looked to their teachers and administrators for leadership during the current period of social distancing and stay-at-home orders. In Scituate, Dr. Lisa Maguire’s role as interim-principal required her to take on the stress of the teachers, students, and parents of Scituate High School as we sorted through the expectations and challenges of distance learning. Thankfully, due to her communication, dedication, and ability to provide some comfort during this time, Dr. Maguire has proved she will make an amazing new principal at SHS. 

In fact, some of the ideas Dr. Maguire originally wanted to intertwine into our school culture have been exemplified through her planning and organization during the pandemic. She created a family newsletter early on in her position and has continued using it as an important tool to keep students and their families informed. Despite not being able to see students and teachers in the halls of SHS, she added daily songs and a recording of the Pledge of Allegiance to create some normalcy for students and teachers during these troubling times. Members of the senior class have worked with their class advisors and Dr. Maguire’s administrative team to create events such as the “Senior Sendoff” that will substitute for the traditional end-of-year celebrations. 

If you talked to students around SHS about how they felt at the beginning of the principal position’s shift, they would most likely talk about Mr. Wargo and how difficult it would be to fill his position. Fortunately, throughout this stressful and uneasy time, Dr. Maguire has been a voice of familiarity and unity for high school students who once saw each other every day. To many students, she has already proven she will fill a different pair of shoes while she invites new ideas and concepts into our hallways and classrooms.

For the SHS seniors who didn’t get to say a proper goodbye, it is difficult to leave the building, classrooms, and teachers you called your home for the past four years. However, due to Dr. Maguire’s creativity and commitment to our class, we can at least go away knowing our school is in good hands. And there’s still a chance we can enjoy our rescheduled senior dinner dance and graduation ceremony together. 

For the juniors and underclassmen, listen to your teachers and the high school administration. Make an effort to get involved–make ideas happen, and reinvent the high school experience so you can graduate in the coming years with the same satisfaction.

For incoming freshmen, get excited to learn about our amazing school and the people who have chosen to lead it! 

To Dr. Maguire, thank you!