College Board May Be Baiting Students into Cheating

Hayden Startzell, Video Team Managing Editor

Everything involving AP exams this year is unprecedented. Online testing is abbreviated, and students must now take full responsibility for setting up their own testing environment. A host of issues are throwing off students–including upload glitches and internet instability. But one recent issue is perhaps one of the strangest things to happen in College Board history.

The reddit account u/dinosauce313 appeared on May 10th, a day before the first day of online AP testing. The account’s post was a short one made to the AP Tests 2020 subreddit – a forum created – specifically for students “in need of resources” for the upcoming exams – by u/dinosauce313 on May 10th. The post suggested that those who have finished with extra time should anonymously contact their account to give and take some aid on the questions on the AP Physics C: Mechanics exam, explaining that “the only thing keeping us from success is a little anonymous cooperation.” That same day, they posted the same thing about the AP Physics C: E&M exam, and as the days went on, they continued to post about whatever exam correlated to the day.

It didn’t take long, however, for redditors to catch on. User u/mewtrader says in a comment, “Lol dinosauce your account looks pretty sus” while another user says, “blink twice if Trevor packer is holding you hostage, mr. unpaid intern.” In some form, u/dinosauce313 responded to these accusations with memes. In fact, they posted the same meme four times, seemingly by accident. The content of the meme – and a couple of subsequent ones – not only joked about the accusations but also incorrectly utilized the meme format, according to redditor u/legomaster36, who commented, “Not funny, didn’t laugh” on the post. Despite taking a detour for memes, the account continued to “offer help” in more posts, until May 15th when they made their last post, simply titled, “a” with no description. It has since been deleted, and redditor u/Sl0th-G0d theorized, “This was the last thing this poor CB employee could type before being executed by his higher-ups.”

Since the disappearance of u/dinosauce313, the AP Tests 2020 subreddit has turned from a cheating resource to a hub of AP exam memes. The subject matter spans online testing to dinosauce themselves. College Board’s online testing policies specify that they “may post content designed to confuse and deter those who attempt to cheat,” however they deny any connection to the u/dinosauce313 account.