Scituate Monthly: Helpful or Harmful?

Hannah Sylvester, Staff Writer

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SHS parent William Blake moved to Scituate when his children were young. As a new community member, he found it difficult to learn what activities were happening in town — activities for the kids, festivals, new restaurants, etc. So, he had an idea: launch a Facebook group where local community members could advertise their events. It began in 2012 with churches, sports organizations, and events, but grew to what we now know as the “Scituate Monthly, Our Town” Facebook page, currently with around 13,000 members. 

With most good things, there often comes some negative aspects. In this case, the question our town should consider is whether or not a Facebook page with around 13,000 members is more hurtful to our community than it is beneficial. 

It is undeniably helpful to keep people with ties in Scituate connected with the current news and events happening in town. It is a place where people are able to share stunning pictures of our beautiful town. Where organizations are able to get people involved with donating, volunteering, and making a change in our community and beyond. Where residents are able to sell and buy items. Where people can find job opportunities, advice, and recommendations. Where we can all relate to each other. It is a positive community. 

Yet, with this positivity, there is also a negative aspect of an online group. People are able to hide behind screens, sharing absurd and offensive language and rumors about people we may know. The group provides an easy platform for complaining, ranting, and fighting. Whether it’s about the brown water in Scituate or political opinions, Scituate Monthly has become a place where people can become ruthless and aggressive toward other members of the community. Is this worth it? 

Scituate Monthly is seen differently in all of our eyes, and ultimately the decision to be a part of this community in a positive way is up to you. But for the sake of our town, let’s try to keep Scituate Monthly a positive platform that fosters positive connections between the people we live with–which is what Mr. Blake intended it to be those many years ago.