2020 Student Government: Make the Last the Best

Ellie Foley, Staff Writer

Student Government has its hands full: senior shirts, senior trip, graduation, senior dinner dance. Right now, the Student Government is currently designing the class of 2020 t-shirts. However, there has been some controversy amongst the class, as no one can agree on slogans. Students have been disapproving of the slogans, yet they are not giving any ideas. Our class needs to get more involved in Student Government to fulfill everybody’s desires. Rather than arguing with the class officials, students need to actively participate if they want to have a voice.

On top of balancing their college applications, members of the Student Government are also balancing their class responsibilities and creating t-shirt designs. They even made a Google Poll to have a competition for people to create a design. This is a great way to get more people involved, which is always the goal. Student Government is also working on the senior dinner dance–planning the venue and the food. However, they need help–help from the students. Vice-President Catey Smith stated, “We have a hard time planning events because in the past there was not a lot of participation.” It is not fair for people to get angry at the class leaders when they never show up or give their input. If the class wants to plan a fun event, there must be enough participation.

Meetings are held every Monday after school in room 241, and students are encouraged to follow the class Instagram account @Scituate_2020 for updates and news. Although these meetings are deemed short, the time is very effective. Student Government is also planning activities that will unite the grade, such as a class talent show.

Senior year is the last year–the last year to unite as a class–the last year to have fun all together. It is imperative that this class makes their last year of high school count. Smith emphasizes the importance of uniting the class: “Our class lacks school spirit and unity–no one wants to participate in anything. If people want to know what’s going on and have a say, they should join.”