We Can’t Forget Amnesty

Mia Snow and Ryan Frankel

The holiday buzz is officially over, and we’re all readjusting to the school schedule after a long winter break. We should take this time now to remind ourselves of the great work done by the Amnesty International club at SHS. Before the break, they hosted an exhibition in the library demonstrating the causes to which they contribute. Sadly, we were caught up in the excitement of leaving school for the holidays, so we weren’t able to fully absorb the cruciality of worldwide issues and the desperate need for support. Take the time now to read this article, and remind yourselves of the contributions you can make.

One of the most pressing issues our world is facing is the number of refugees who need resettlement. The United States only admitted 28,000 refugees in 2018, leaving many to suffer homelessness and poverty. One of the Amnesty projects provided posters of information describing the peril that refugees have to face on a daily basis. The club encouraged students to write letters to families who are currently suffering. If you weren’t able to do this, check out the Amnesty website; the simple act of signing a petition can make a world of difference.

I also watched a brief video on the subject of the conflict of Syria. It touched base on how the city of Aleppo is in ruins due to escalating U.S. involvement. After a captivating presentation, I felt compelled to sign the petition provided to me. If a further contribution interests you, a simple Google search will take you to literally thousands of websites where donations are quick and easy.

These are just two of the countless presentations given to us by the members of the Amnesty club, but every single one of them gave people the chance to make a contribution to the cause. If you missed this wonderful event and still want to make a difference, go to the Amnesty website https://www.amnesty.org/en/ and make a contribution.