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Señora Parkins Returns!

The Parkins Family recently expanded with the addition of a new baby boy!

This year, the SHS world language department welcomed back Señora Kelsey Parkins. Having worked as a teacher in the district for six years before leaving to care for her three young children, Parkins is passionate about teaching Spanish and helping students. She is married to SHS mathematics teacher Craig Parkins.

Mrs. Parkins is committed to the Scituate community, so when an opening came up in the language department, department chair Kathryn Ciulla was excited to hire her back for the position.

According to Ciulla, during Parkins’s hiatus from teaching, the curriculum changed “entirely.” In 2021, the curriculum standards made a philosophical switch, shifting from focusing on grammar and syntax to developing conversational communication skills. SHS seniors will attest to the shift in academic expectations, as they have changed since their freshman year.

Parkins said she “did her homework” by observing SHS Spanish classes last year and keeping her skills current. She knew she would be unable to use any old materials like slideshows and games that she used before.

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In the classroom, Parkins holds her students to high expectations while remaining approachable and kind-hearted. Students seem truly engaged, always participating in group projects and collaborative games like Kahoot, Quizlet Live, and Gimkit. Parkins believes it is a “good way to share ideas and have someone to turn to.” Students who may be nervous asking for help from their teacher may find it much easier to turn to a partner or groupmate. This allows for a stress-free and pleasant space. Sophomore Kolina Nugent said she feels “comfortable” raising her hand and participating because the class is rarely quiet.

With constant movement and transitions in her classroom, Parkins truly creates a space for kinesthetic learners. Most activities last between 10 and 15 minutes. While accumulating puntos (points) may seem intimidating in other classes, they are easy to earn in Room 268. Nugent says it helps students learn the language to “apply it to future opportunities.”

This year, Parkins said her goal is to prioritize her students while also “surviving raising four kids at home.” Being able to balance family and school is her number one priority. Parkins recently gave birth to her fourth child, and her students and colleagues send their best wishes!