Credit for Life Helps SHS Juniors Face the Reality of Personal Finance


SHS juniors (left to right) Charlie Holden, John Driscoll, David Murphy, and Matthew Carolan hold up their Credit for Life score sheets.

For the second year in a row, SHS juniors were given the opportunity to learn more about careers and personal finance in a fun, interactive setting. Credit for Life, a three-hour event organized by a team of SHS faculty members, provides students with career and finance information. Using a simulation model set up in the large gym, professional experts from a wide array of careers shared their knowledge with this year’s group of enthusiastic juniors. Students selected a prospective job and walked through the “stages of life” to be confronted with the realities of managing money in the real world.

According to SHS junior Casey McKeever, “It made me realize how much life actually costs, and how you have to budget your money efficiently.” Her friend, junior Natalie Naylor, added, “It’s way more complex, and it’s scary that you have to confront the daunting truth that you have to start saving now and you can’t keep pushing it off.” Stella Thrift agreed, commenting, “I thought it was really helpful but stressful and eye-opening.”