Class of 2022 Begins a New SHS Tradition: Senior Skate!


Delaney Sandner and Leiney Smith

As spring approaches and graduation looms, the Class of 2022 will begin their celebratory activities. Members of the student government and student council have been collaborating to plan an itinerary of exciting activities. These include traditional events, such as the prom (rescheduled due to the pandemic), the senior picnic, and the senior dinner dance. However, due to the number of class events lost to COVID, class officers decided to start the fun for seniors earlier than usual:  On Thursday, February 17th, an early-release day for SHS students, a “Senior Skate” will be held at Hobomock Arena, located at 132 Hobomock Street in Pembroke, from 1:50 to 2:50 PM. There is a $10 entry fee for the event, which is open to SHS seniors only. 

President of the senior class, Celia Rees, shared her excitement for the “Senior Skate,” stating it is a “good way to get everyone together throughout our last semester rather than only at the end.”  The senior class has done so much together, and as a whole, students want to embrace this time period as long as possible.  Senior Abigail McMellen came up with the idea for the skate in the first place, and according to Rees, “she deserves such a big shout out!”

The event is expected to be a lot of fun and a great way to unify the class; however, Rees is concerned that not everyone will have their own skates. Although all students are encouraged to participate and skate on the ice, the rink does not provide skates, so students must bring their own. Rees said she hopes “people come to hangout out” and everyone has a great time.  

After learning about the “Senior Skate,” SHS senior Colby Mullen commented that since he still needs “two milk crates to get around” the ice, he may not attend the event. Nevertheless, he does think it is a fun way to raise money for the class.  

Senior Bob Boyle, who is a captain of the boys’ varsity hockey team, is quite familiar with skating at Hobomock Arena. While Boyle spends the better half of the week skating at Hobomock during early morning practices, one might assume he has had enough skating for the year; however, Boyle has a different outlook: He’s excited by the idea of skating recreationally with his friends who don’t play hockey. In addition, he believes these types of fundraising events promote school bonding. According to Boyle, “Student government does a good job of hosting events that make money and bring the grade together.” 

While skating is a skill-specific activity, lacking skills on the ice may add to the fun of the experience. All members of the senior class are encouraged to come and join the fun as a way to celebrate what the Class of 2022 has accomplished!