SHS Community Reacts to TB12’s Retirement

Brady retirement rumors were put to rest on Feb. 2nd


Hayley McCarthy and Sydney Washburn

With seven Super Bowl rings, nine Super Bowl appearances, five Super Bowl MVPs, and career records that include the most touchdown passes, the most Super Bowl appearances and wins, and the most games won, Tom Brady really is the greatest ever to play the game. 

Brady, 44 years old, announced his retirement from the sport via Instagram on the morning of Tuesday, February 2. The news has rocked both the SHS community and the entire nation, as his talent will have an everlasting impact on the game of football. His retirement comes after 22 amazing seasons with the NFL. 

Growing up in New England, we have been blessed with an extremely successful football team. All the Super Bowl wins and celebrations following Brady’s successes on the field make the news of his retirement bittersweet. 

SHS physical education teacher Kathleen McCarthy is a relative of NFL player Danny Amendola, who is a former Patriot’s teammate of Brady’s. When asked to respond to the news of Brady’s retirement, McCarthy touched upon Brady’s extremely respectful and positive attitude. She said Brady “left a voicemail to Danny the first day he got signed” and added how the quarterback was a really good person that the game will definitely miss. McCarthy also explained how Brady made the other players better and inspired people from the ages of 2-44 with what he has done to the game of football. She mentioned how she felt bad about the leak of his retirement and rumors that surfaced days before he officially mentioned his departure from professional football. 

Although Brady left the Patriots and went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (giving them a Super Bowl title also), many Patriots fans continued to support Brady’s career and everything he did for the New England community and the NFL. One of Brady’s many local supporters includes SHS Athletic Director Scott Paine. Paine commented that it’s “been a way of life having Brady here leading the Patriots.” He added that he is “still rooting for him” and mentioned that he is thankful Brady “brought so much fun” to football fans. Paine elaborated on how Brady changed the sport and how he deserves to enjoy himself and his family. Paine is curious, though, like many others, to see what the future holds for Brady.

Brady’s story and achievements have inspired athletes across the country. As the 199th draft pick in 2000 who became the best player in the game’s history, Brady is truly remarkable. 

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady–also known as the GOAT, Tom Terrific, TB12, Touchdown Tom, and the Comeback Kid is an outstanding player on and off the field who will be deeply missed from the sport of football. 

On the news of Brady’s retirement, here’s what students around SHS had to say: 

Lily Sylvester: “He had a good run, and has allowed us to celebrate so many Super Bowl wins” 

Will Cahill: “I hope that Mac Jones continues the winning tradition” 

Colby Mullen: “He will be missed”

Micheal Shesky:  “7 years of good fun… I’m kinda sad. He led the league in touchdown and passing yards…and he is 44” 

Alex Christenson: “I was pretty sad, grew up watching him my whole childhood” 

Sean Seymour: “Unfortunate. I wanted him to retire in Boston. Glad he is doing what is best for him and his family.” 

James Cannon: “It’s sad to see him go, but the legacy he left behind will never be forgotten.”

Jill Connor: “I think it’s pretty depressing, as this is the first time our generation will watch the NFL without him playing in it. He will always be my favorite player and the greatest of all time.”