SHS Seniors in the Midst of College Application Process


Samantha Roman

Samantha Roman, Sports Editor

For SHS seniors, the fall college application process is notorious for being grueling and time-consuming. As many of the early action dates grow closer, the stress level has increased for many students. Every senior is at a different step in their application process: some are fully prepared, having already submitted their applications, and some have not even started. 

SHS senior Sarah Snow is in the middle of her applications. She has done most of the busy work–the questions in the Common App, recommendations in Naviance, and her personal essay–but now she has supplemental work because she is applying to all of her schools for dance as well. Snow said, “Completing two applications for each school has definitely been hard.” This means double the applications and a portfolio. To date, Snow has finished two of her applications. 

Helena Snow, Sarah’s twin sister, is not quite as far in the application process. Although she has done the basics, she hasn’t finished any of her applications. She has her recommendations in and has time until her first due date of November 1st. 

Within the college admissions process, there are three ways you can apply: early action, early decision, and regular decision. Early decision is a binding application–if you are accepted to that school, you will attend (barring any financial restrictions). Early action is when you apply early and learn whether you’ve been accepted earlier than most other schools. Regular decision allows you to apply at the regular time, and you typically learn of the admissions decision in the spring.

Since early decision applications are much more binding, many students don’t choose this route. Senior Shea Morley is applying early decision to Boston College, but he is applying to other colleges under the regular decision timeline. 

Senior Chris Sullivan has committed to play lacrosse at Mass Maritime Academy. Due to this obligation, his application process is very different. Sullivan commented, “Committing has definitely made it easier because it is more clear where I am going and gives a sense of security that I have a sure place to go next year.”

 Recently, there was a guidance workshop so all seniors had the information needed to apply to college. They went through the necessary paperwork and learned how different websites for applications work. Many students found the guidance workshop helpful but thought it would have been more beneficial if it was held earlier. Morley said, “Many students have early action deadlines as soon as October 15, and with guidance wanting everything within three weeks, that doesn’t give enough time.”