Class Presidents’ Goals for This Year

Valentine McNeilly, Staff Writer

After the long, hard, and lonely year everyone experienced in 2020 due to the pandemic, SHS is back in action, and each class president is working their hardest to make this year memorable. Between fundraising, class events, and activities, here’s what SHS student class presidents have in store. 

Sophomore class president Brooke McCarthy is thrilled to fill the position and is eager to make her classmates’ high school experience better. While in the planning process, McCarthy expressed how things can get stressful. However, once they work out, it’s a huge relief, and it feels really great to see that all their hard work has paid off.

McCarthy is starting the year off strong by encouraging sophomores to drop by a meeting to see what they’re like and get a feel for things without worrying too much about the requirements of being a representative. She explained, “Many new students have come to the meetings and have seen what they’re like and many of them have stayed!” McCarthy and her fellow officers are already thinking ahead for fundraising ideas for the coming year, including a raffle, car wash, and one more idea that is being kept on the down-low for right now…so keep your eyes peeled!

Along with helping the juniors and seniors with Homecoming Week, the sophomore student government is planning a semi-formal for the freshmen and sophomores in the winter, as well as another possible dance or an outdoor movie night. Luckily, the pandemic hasn’t limited McCarthy to any plans she has in store this year yet, anticipating nothing but great things for the sophomore class this year. 

Junior class president Grace McNamara feels happy and confident knowing her classmates believe in her to represent the grade. McNamara is one step ahead with fundraising, having organized two successful car washes this summer. Currently, the team of officers is working on designing more class merchandise to sell, and they are helping the senior class organize Scituate High School’s first homecoming in over 20 years.

In addition to new events at the high school, McNamara and her team are also in charge of the SHS Talent Show, which will be held on October 7th from 6-8 p.m. in the PAC. She also has plans to organize holiday-oriented fundraisers that younger kids in the community can partake in, and she even wants to host a fundraiser at Chick-Fil-A. This Halloween, McNamara hopes to have a movie night on SHS turf, where kids dress up in their costumes for a fun, family event.  

Honored to be re-elected for the fourth year in a row, senior class president Celia Rees is starting the year off with a bang. Rees has been pushing for a Homecoming celebration for over a year now, arguing that Scituate hasn’t held one for many years. She’s worked hard with her officers and representatives to put together the best year she can for the senior class. Homecoming entails a full week of school spirit, and attendance from everyone is the most important part. Rees encourages “everyone from every grade to participate and go to the events because the community of students is what’s going to make the week special.” 

Due to the pandemic, last year’s SHS prom was postponed. Prom is now on April 29th at Indian Ponds in Kingston, with the theme being “Award Show!” The Class of 2022 student government wanted to do something that is simultaneously fun and not too romantic in order to focus on the fun, light-hearted nature of senior year. As always, Rees is hoping all the planned events bring the class together. Rees said her number one goal to see that everyone can remember their senior year as the best year ever. She loves this class dynamic, saying, “I’m hoping this year’s fun gives back the happiness I get from our community.”

Rees credits the student government’s success to class officers Alex Christenson (treasurer), Bridget Nicolo (secretary), and former vice president, Siobhan Reidy. “They are such hard workers and so instrumental in idea making and execution of ideas,” says Rees. Though Reidy is not at SHS anymore, she initially pushed Rees to run for president during their freshman year and taught her not to doubt her capability to make anything happen. Rees is thrilled to have senior Sam Benning step up this year as vice president. He’s been a big help in finalizing homecoming plans and brings a lot of great ideas to the table. With the help of her trusty officials and representatives, Rees is excited to make this year memorable for each and every student.