Dunkin Raising the Coffee Prices

David Stanley, Staff Writer

Dunkin Donuts is a very important fast-food chain, especially throughout New England. Many loyal customers go to the same Dunkin at the same time every day. Working the same shifts at Dunkin for over a year has led me to the point where I have the coffee ready before the customer even orders.
Some customers are very strict about receiving their 5% senior discount or getting their points on the DD Perks app. About a month ago, on December 12th, I clocked into work and started taking orders like usual. The first order I took was a “large iced regular,” which usually costs $3.09. Walking to the drive-thru window to ring up the order, I told the customer the cost was $3.20 without even thinking about the price. After the customer left, I stared at the price on the computer, very confused, before I realized Dunkin raised their prices.
Next, a “regular” customer ordered a medium hot coffee with one cream. Using his senior discount, the coffee cost him $2.23. He always gave me $2.25, so I could give him his simple coffee right away. Now he gives me his credit card for his $2.29 coffee. A seemingly simple difference, loyal customers noticed the raised prices immediately. Since they have always walked into a Dunkin’ every day with the same amount of money in their pockets for coffee, it was an obvious shock.
For the rest of my shift, I had many customers complaining about the new increased prices; some thought I was joking. All customers who utilize the senior discount pay for the undiscounted price (before it changed). Thankfully, people are not as mad as they would usually be if it weren’t for the holiday season.