The Hate U Give Presented to SPS Community

Cultural Humility Promoted Through Film

Hannah Morel and Juliet Ball

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Cultural humility represents the focus of a program this month, as Scituate High School faculty, staff, and community members will have the opportunity to view the 2018 film adaptation of Angie Thomas’s best-selling novel The Hate U Give. Initiated by the new METCO director, Michelle Crawford-Cranmore, and the Scituate Unity Council, viewing the film is intended to create a platform for open discussion about race.

 Crawford-Cranmore said she hopes the community can “have real conversations about race and to come away from this having an understanding of double consciousness and its impact.” She has been working on this project for two months with Principal Robert Wargo, English Department Chair John Scopelleti, History Department Chair Steve Swett,  Math Department Chair Liz Grindle, history teacher Samantha Lesniak, art teacher Julie Hickey, and Gates Assistant Principal Ryan Beattie.

SHS faculty and staff members will view the film in the Center for Performing Arts on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday morning during the week prior to February break. On Tuesday, February 26th, community members are invited to view clips of the film and engage in discussion from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the Gates School room LS 1029.

Principal Wargo explained the administration wants “people walking into this with the mindset of ‘What are the big takeaways?’ and ‘What can we learn from this?’” Wargo said he hopes the program will promote “thoughtful discussion” about cultural proficiency.