Friends of Music Raises Over $5K with Mattress Sale

Participants will get a good night's sleep knowing they helped raise money for music programing

Kylene True, Staff Writer

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Most of Scituate High School’s clubs and organizations choose to fundraise by selling calendars, canning at the dump, or having a car wash.  With the help of Custom Fundraising Solutions (CFS) of Boston, the Scituate Friends of Music held a “markdown” mattress sale on Sunday, February 10th.  

CFS has helped many schools and communities earn a profit with their original mattress fundraiser.  The Scituate Friends of Music transformed the SHS cafeteria into a display of 29 discounted mattresses, pillows, and massage chairs.  

Without having an exact count on the profit made during the sale, Scituate High School Choral Director, William Richter, estimated a profit of about $5,500.  The money raised by the Scituate Friends of Music will be used to support and enhance the music departments throughout Scituate Public Schools.

Students who participate in Scituate’s music program were given the incentive not only to earn money for their community but to receive a $25 profit for each referral they brought in to the sale.  Teachers in the Scituate community were also given an additional discount. According to Richter, the Scituate Friends of Music hopes to make this fundraiser an annual event.